Below are some of the great causes I've had the privilege to work with through photography. If you can support or help them anyway, I'm convinced they'd be eternally grateful. If you know of any charities who need a hand with photography or website design, I'd be glad to help (pro bono).

The Living Link

The Living Link is a non-profit organisation that supports the inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities into society and facilitates their transition from school to work to independent living.

Marie Kloppers Children's Home

On a hill in Observatory, Johannesburg the beautiful Maria Kloppers campus with 4 residential houses and a baby unit that overlooks the valley below. This campus can accommodate approximately 50 children including 20 babies and toddlers that need a place of safety.

Miracle Mission

Their main purpose is to provide a home for children in distress. This includes children that have been abandoned, children that have been abused and neglected and children that have been infected with the HIV virus. In conjunction with the various welfare organisations, their goal is to ensure the very best long term care for these children and to see them settled in that environment as soon as possible.

Zoe's Kids

They are a remedial (special) school in Heidelberg with the aim to help children with learning disabilities. I didn't do any photography for them (yet), but I've rebuilt their website.

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